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Catheter IV 20Gx1

Catheter IV 20Gx1" Surflo

Catheter IV 22Gx1

Catheter IV 22Gx1" - Surflo

Catheter IV 24Gx0.75

Catheter IV 24Gx0.75"

Dextrose 5% 250ML IV Bag

Dextrose 5% 250ML IV Bag

Medical Purchasing Solutions (MPS)

We are a national distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies with proven solutions that help Oral Maxillofacial, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons, Dentists, Dental Anesthesiologists, Independent Physicians, and Universities save money, reduce stress, and free up their time.

Our personalized service, competitive prices and fast shipping enable physicians to tend to their patients, not their inventory.

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