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Wholesale Pharmaceuticals, Medical/Dental Supplies, Disposables

Why Choose MPS

The old fashioned way of managing multiple vendors and comparing prices is time consuming, inefficient, and tedious. MPS has a better way.

  • Order products from a single source
  • Reach a real person in three rings or less
  • Get fast fulfillment and shipping
  • Save on your typical order

We also create a customized price list for every customer that we call the Formulary. Having an online formulary gives you access to all of your items in one place, making it fast and easy to re-order.

Take the next step

We have several ways to get started with MPS:

  • Create a free account online (click button below)
  • Call (888) 894-2487 to speak with an MPS Team Member
  • Use our Prices To Beat™ feature to request a sample price comparison and learn about lower priced alternatives