C2 On The Go

Receive your C2 meds as fast as possible with C2 On The Go

We will email or fax you a pre-paid FedEx Overnight shipping label at a discounted price of only $22.22. Use the label to overnight your completed DEA Form-222 to us and we will process your order as soon as the approved form arrives.

Find the nearest FedEx location and cut-off times

C2 Protocol Tips

Be sure to follow these steps to ensure quick and hassle free shipment of your C2 order.

  1. Place the C2 order directly with your Account Manager or order online
  2. Use our Example DEA Form-222 to assist you in completing your actual paper form
  3. Send a copy of the completed form to your Account Manager via fax, text, or email for review
  4. Our Narcotics Department will review your form to ensure its accuracy
  5. When deemed acceptable, remove the perforation on the right side of the form,
  6. Mail the top two copies, WITH the carbon paper, to MPS using the shipping label we sent you.
  7. Do not write on the envelope after inserting the form. It will void the form and we will reject it.
  8. We also offer pre-printed envelopes (available on request) to send us forms when they don't need to go overnight


Make sure you are following DEA C2 Protocol for your record taking, storage, usage, and the disposal of all controlled substances. More on these topics can be found at www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov