“Know Your Customer” Questionnaire

Controlled substance orders will not be fulfilled until this questionnaire has been completed in full and reviewed by the Medical Purchasing Solutions Compliance Department.

IMPORTANT: This form must be completed by the DEA Registrant, POA or an authorized representative.

MPS Client Info

Doctor’s Info

 5. Primary Practice:

DEA Certificate

(As it appears on DEA Certificate)
10. DEA Registered Address (As it appears on DEA Certificate)

NOTE: If at any time your DEA standing, approved schedules or registered address changes you must notify MPS immediately.

State License

Additional Licenses (optional)

Please list any additional state licenses/registrations that cover controlled substances.

Practice Details

16. Days and hours of operation:

NOTE: If Power of Attorney forms are used, please send copies to compliance@medicalpurchasingsolutions.com

23. Of all the products you use at this location, what percentage is either a controlled substance, a non-controlled substance or a medical supply?

% % %
(Numbers only. Total must equal 100)

Medication Log

Enter the average quantity used of each medication per month and the average CC/MG's administered per patient.
Monthly Usage
Average dosage per patient
(specify CC/MG/ML’s)

Customer agrees and understands that Medical Purchasing Solutions may provide a copy of this questionnaire to the DEA, other federal agencies and any state regulatory agency where appropriate.

I certify that I am authorized to complete this form and that the information provided in this questionnaire is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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